Lumenis Announces New Clinical Breakthroughs Using Its Patent-Protected MOSES™ Technology

- YOKNEAM, Israel, March 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumenis Ltd., the world's largest energy-based medical device company for surgical, aesthetic and ophthalmic applications, announces the release of new clinical evidence and advantages in lithotripsy and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatments using the MOSES™ Technology at the 34th annual European Association of Urology Congress (EAU19), taking place in Barcelona, March 15-19, 2019.

For the last 30 years, holmium lasers and fibers have been clinically proven as the gold-standard modality for the treatment of urinary stones and BPH. Released by Lumenis two years ago, MOSES is a revolutionary, patent-protected technology. MOSES utilizes a proprietary combination of holmium lasers and fibers that optimize holmium energy transmission using a unique pulse modulation. Significant clinical evidence highlighting the benefits of MOSES in lithotripsy has already been released, demonstrating that lithotripsy procedures conducted with the MOSES technology result in 20% faster procedures, 25% more efficient fragmentation, and 60% reduction in stone retropulsion.

The advantages of MOSES for lithotripsy and BPH procedures are being researched and demonstrated by leading academic institutions worldwide. In BPH procedures, clinical evaluations are ongoing and focused on studying advantages in enucleation of the prostate, including smoother incision, better hemostasis and shorter procedure time. In lithotripsy, the advantages of MOSES are studied across a number of procedures and techniques including Mini PCNL, Ultra Mini PCNL, Flexible Ureteroscopy and RIRS. These advantages will be presented in a series of poster and video sessions by leading worldwide key opinion leaders including:

MOSES will also take center stage during the EAU live surgery plenary session:

"Just two years since the launch of our patented MOSES Technology, it brings us tremendous pride to see the urology community actively researching and discovering its benefits for a wide range of urology procedures," said Tzipi Ozer-Armon, CEO of Lumenis. "We are excited to be at the forefront of urology care and part of this continuous improvement in patient outcomes, and we are committed to continuing the development of MOSES in a multitude of clinical applications"

During EAU19, attendees will be able to get a first-hand experience of the technology in the 360 degree simulation lab at the Lumenis booth I-26.

About Lumenis 

Lumenis is the world's largest energy-based medical device company for surgical, aesthetic and ophthalmic applications in the area of minimally invasive clinical solutions. Regarded as a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF). For nearly 50 years, Lumenis' ground-breaking products have redefined medical treatments and have set numerous technological and clinical gold-standards. Lumenis has successfully created solutions for previously untreatable conditions, as well as designed advanced technologies that have revolutionized existing treatment methods.


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