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Galderma Marks Rosacea Awareness Month With New Insights Into Why Some Patients Are Self-treating and Launches Social Media Campaign to Reinforce Hidden Impact of the Disease

- LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on the expert-authored report Rosacea: Beyond the visible, which highlighted the true extent of the psychosocial burden of rosacea globally, Galderma has further delved into patient experience through research with an 'online community' of patients. The findings reveal that many rosacea patients may not be reconsulting with a healthcare professional (HCP) after losing faith in the medical profession as a result of previous unsuccessful experiences with prescribed medications or their dermatologist.

Insights from the research, involving more than 130 rosacea patients and their spouses in four countries, suggested that these patients are adopting a short-term approach to treatment, opting to self-treat with over-the-counter skincare products on an episodical basis, rather than visiting an HCP for prescription treatment advice.

Affecting approximately 415 million people worldwide, rosacea is most common in people aged 30 and above.1 It is a relapsing condition, meaning that patients experience periods of flare-ups, and every individual's experience is different, making it a complex disease to treat.

Rosacea: Beyond the visible, a global report, published in 2018, offered useful insights into the emotional, psychological and societal impact of rosacea. Approximately 82% of people surveyed felt their rosacea is not fully controlled, and over half of those in active employment (55%) said that it impacted their work productivity. About 86% admitted to substantially changing their behavior to avoid triggered flare ups, as a result experiencing a strain on their everyday lives.2

Experts in the field are calling for HCPs to reassure patients and help encourage them back into the healthcare system: "Patients are increasingly turning to alternative treatments due to their lack of faith in treatments prescribed by clinicians," says Dr James Del Rosso, DO of JDR Dermatology Research/Thomas Dermatology, Las Vegas, Nevada, "In order to support patients and encourage them to seek guidance and appropriate treatment from their dermatologist, it is important that we as professionals first understand the burden they are experiencing with this life-altering skin condition and adapt our approach."

Following on from the success of its Rosacea: Beyond the visible disease awareness campaign, Galderma is partnering with top rosacea influencers to launch an empowering social media awareness movement during Rosacea Awareness Month (April): #RosaceaNoFilter.

Led by popular online rosacea patient influencers, with the aim of continuing conversation about the true burden of rosacea, #RosaceaNoFilter will encourage patients to share their personal experiences of living with this common inflammatory skin disease, in the form of 'selfie' posts on social media, and to feel empowered to speak up about the beyond the visible impact.

"As a leader in rosacea, Galderma is committed to gathering patient insights that enable us to tailor our approach to better support patient needs and help improve clinical outcomes in this often under-prioritized disease area," says Kamel Chaouche MD PhD, Head of Global Medical Affairs Rx SIG, Galderma Nestlé Skin Health, "Rosacea Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to build on the momentum of our Rosacea: Beyond the Visible campaign and encourage even more patients to find their voice and share their experiences."

References:1. Gether L, Overgaard LK, Egeberg A, Thyssen JP. Incidence and Prevalence of Rosacea: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Br J Dermatol 2018 Feb 25.

2. Rosacea: Beyond the visible online report. Available at: Last accessed: April 2019.

About Rosacea Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin disease that presents variable clinical characteristics, of which the most common are flushing, permanent erythema, and inflammatory lesions. It mainly affects the central areas of the face, such as the cheeks and nose. The disease can affect both adult men and women, usually after the age of 30. Additionally, symptoms such as stinging, burning and increased sensitivity of the skin are common. The eyes are often affected, and might present as red, dry or itchy.

Although the cause of the disease is still under debate, various trigger factors are known, including spicy foods, alcohol, emotional stress, sun/UV-exposure, hot baths and beverages. Demodex, generally harmless mites, can also be found in the skin in an elevated quantity in people with rosacea.

Rosacea may worsen over time if left untreated. People that suspect they suffer from rosacea should visit their dermatologist or healthcare provider for diagnosis and discuss what treatment is right for them. Because rosacea is a highly visible disease, it is known to cause embarrassment and anxiety in some patients, which in turn may cause frustration and have a negative impact on their social life.

About Rosacea:Beyond the visibleRosacea: Beyond the visible is a global disease awareness campaign, launched in June 2018 by Galderma. The campaign was initially launched to raise awareness of the results of a global market research study involving >700 patients and >550 physicians, investigating the true burden of rosacea. An expert-authored Rosacea: Beyond the visible report of the findings was released. The campaign has a dedicated Twitter @Beyond_visible and YouTube channel, as well as a Rosacea: Beyond the visible Instagram channel (@Rosacea_beyondthevisible) as of April 2019, through which information is shared and patients and healthcare professionals are encouraged to participate in conversations about the reality of living with rosacea.

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Galderma Marks Rosacea Awareness Month With New Insights Into Why Some Patients Are Self-treating and Launches Social Media Campaign to Reinforce Hidden Impact of the Disease

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