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New Delivers the Latest Backed Data on Abortions in Europe


Developed by Exelgyn, in collaboration with leading European gynecologists and obstetricians, the platform helps women and medical professionals find abortion, fertility and contraception statistics, for all the country members of the European Union plus Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

Through the website, Exelgyn intends to make sure that patients and physicians have the information they need to make appropriate choices about abortion methods. Detailed country-by-country comparison data allows users to effortlessly pinpoint and link data trends, as well as download detailed graphs and tables to assist their research.

The online tool serves a gap in the market providing easily- accessible, trustworthy and well-referenced information on abortions and female treatments, which has proved difficult in the past.

Although abortion is legal under certain conditions in most European countries, legal and practical conditions vary widely between countries (e.g. upon women's request and/or medical reasons, abortion performed up to 10, 12, 14 or even 22 weeks), leading to great disparity.'s presented data are always from official or referenced sources and have been collected and checked by each country's correspondents: Nausikaä MARTENS (Belgium), Vesna STEPANIC (Croatia), Øjvind LIDEGAARD (Denmark), Helle KARRO (Estonia), Oskari HEIKINHEIMO (Finland),Ines THONKE (Germany), Gyula CSERMELY (Hungary), Catherine CHERY (Luxembourg), Mette LØKELAND (Norway), Krystyna KACPURA (Poland), Bojana PINTER (Slovenia), Kristina GEMZELL-DANIELSSON (Sweden) and Helene HULDI (Switzerland).

The website is updated every year, taking into account the changes occurred within the previous year.

Users interested in improving this website and providing additional data, please feel free to contact us by e-mail to

About Exelgyn

Exelgyn is a global pharmaceutical company specialising in women's healthcare. The company is known to be a pioneer in medical termination of pregnancy in Europe and export markets and continues striving to ensure women have access to this safe and effective method.

Exelgyn is proud to celebrate 30 years of medical abortion since the discovery of its abortive pill. Currently, Exelgyn's products (registered on the WHO list of essential medicines) are marketed in more than 30 countries which has enabled millions of women to interrupt their pregnancy. Exelgyn is committed to support both healthcare professionals and women throughout each step of a medical termination of pregnancy.

Nordic Group uses health data files collected in the context of pharmacovigilance, medical information and the quality of medicinal products after they are placed on the market. These data are kept for a period that complies with the GDPR regulation. You have a right of access and rectification of the collected data by contacting You can also submit a complaint to our data protection officer at the following address:

For more information please visit Nordic's website (


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New Delivers the Latest Backed Data on Abortions in Europe

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