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Definiens showcases pharma solutions for immuno-oncology profiling

- MUNICH, Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Definiens, the Tissue Phenomics® company, has announced the first-ever Definiens Insights Forum to be held at their headquarters in Munich, Germany on October 17, 2018. While space is limited, registration for the free event is open to industry professionals.

"This is a very unique opportunity to actively engage with different pharma companies and other experts on their experience in using Tissue Phenomics solutions from Definiens for immuno-oncology, biomarker development and patient profiling," said Ralf Huss, Chief Medical Officer at Definiens.

Dr. Huss is one of several experts that will present immuno-oncology (IO) testing experiences at the Forum. Speakers from MedImmune, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and Covance/LabCorp will also share their experiences and best practices.

The timing of this event coincides with the European Society for Molecular Oncology (ESMO) Annual Congress, where global pharmaceutical leaders will meet from October 18-20 to present advances in clinical cancer treatments. Hosted in Definiens' hometown of Munich, ESMO 2018 is anticipated to draw almost 24,000 of the top oncologists and clinical scientists from around the world.

One of the major draws at ESMO this year is immuno-oncology, which in recent years has emerged as one of the most promising areas in oncology treatment. Definiens provides IO profiling and digital pathology services that are based largely on the Tissue Phenomics approach. The company offers these services to pharmaceutical companies and employs staff pathologists, translational scientists, bioinformatics, and an extensive team of expert service consultants.

"The immuno-oncology field is moving very fast," said Dr. Huss. "And current IO testing platforms are limited in their ability to quickly translate biomarker studies into insights for drug makers. The ability to quickly find actionable IO insights and then standardize and scale testing for large-scale patient screening can radically improve the outcome of IO clinical trials. We're excited to be able to share the future offerings and technology advancement for IO profiling."

Learn more about the Definiens Insights Forum.

About Definiens

We improve patient lives by unlocking the tissue phenome.

In oncology, therapeutic strategies have shifted from a direct assault on cancer cells to recruiting the immune system for that purpose. Our mission is to accelerate breakthroughs in immuno-oncology by helping pharmaceutical researchers better leverage tissue-based information through Definiens Tissue Phenomics® technology. Our expertise accelerates and deepens understanding of disease biology and immune system mechanisms and allows to bring multi-omics data into a cancer-relevant context, which facilitates the translation of new insights into novel therapies and treatment strategies. Our vision is to create unique and actionable patient profiles through harmonized biomarkers for an individualized standard of care, where patients experience fewer side effects and live longer. Definiens' proven technology has been used in thousands of projects, yielding results that have accelerated drug development and produced over 1000 peer-reviewed publications.

Definiens is a member of the AstraZeneca group providing products and services to companies across the life sciences sector, including MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca.

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Definiens showcases pharma solutions for immuno-oncology profiling

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